XR Strategy by the ‘Ecologist’

Extinction Rebellion just dropped its new strategy. The key message: ‘we need to take to the streets to challenge power’

The threat of climate breakdown has never felt more acute, more immediate or more real. Temperature records are being consistently broken, there are unprecedented floods and fatalities. During these events Extinction Rebellion UK (XR) has raised awareness, given hope and directed mass actions on the streets involving hundreds of thousands of people from across the UK. 

Join today’s XR UK 2022 strategy launch webinar 

The climate campaign network yesterday released a new strategy which includes a callout for a mass mobilisation in London for the April this year, for the first time calling for an immediate, direct and broad policy response by the UK Government away from fossil fuels, and acknowledging more clearly that climate justice is social justice. 

The strategy represents a significant shift from the launch programme as described by Dr Gail Bradbrook on The Ecologist online in October 2018 when “hundreds” of people had seen the first XR call out and the hope was “a few thousand arrests in a short space of time could cause a political crisis”. 

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