• New Heading for Extinction talk
    Please join us online at 7pm Wednesday 23 August to hear this informative and compelling talk covers the science of the climate and biodiversity crises, why we are still heading for disaster despite all we know about what’s happening, and the crucial importance of taking action. 
  • Lovely World Festival 23 / 24 June 23
    Some hot days printing and badge making out at the Alexander Centre with the Swale FOTE Lovely world festival. Thanks to: Jemima and friend, Sean, Sharon, Alex, Michelle and Julie. XX
  • XR Canterbury updates 22 05 23
    We are now meeting in person for a social on the first Monday (unless a bank holiday) in the Bell and Crown in Palace street Canterbury CT1 2DZ at 7pm. Online meetings are on the third Monday of the month at 7pm. Link: ‘Friday Climate Strikes’ will continue in the middle of Canterbury High […]
  • Friday Climate Strike 2023
    We now have done about 80 ‘Friday Climate Strikes’ since May 2021. Every week on Friday 12-1pm we talk with passers-by on the street about Global warming. We are not going away…just as the climate crisis isn’t!
  • Which countries have emitted most Co2 since 1750?
  • Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather
    Figueres remains stubbornly optimistic. “We are not doomed to a continuation of this madness. We – each of us – still hold the pen that will write the future. Collectively, we have the capacity to make the extraordinary changes we need in order to course correct.” “It is precisely at this late hour, when for […]
  • What happens if we ignore the climate crisis
  • XR Canterbury Money rebellion papers
    In support of our Money Rebellion actions we made several spoof papers to hand out to the public. They are explaining how banks are funding fossil fuels and also providing information for people interested in switching to more ethical banks. Enjoy!
  • Non Violent Direct Action Seminars
    A group of us attended these seminars at the University of Kent over 3 weeks. They were very thought provoking and made us question both the strategy and tactics we are employing as Climate Activists. Our tutors: Dr Margherita Belgioioso and Dr Charles Devellennes took us through the basics of civil resistance and how it […]
  • Community Activism Toolkit for the Environment (CATE) Canterbury District
    A toolkit of ideas and inspiration to help you organise in your community!
  • How to organise a nonviolent campaign: an activist’s course. (Free!)
    Learn from researchers in the field of conflict and social movements about what makes a successful non-violent campaign in this FREE course.
  • Why is the Climate Crisis so much worse than we were told?
    I think it is partly because the thinking has been based on global averages. We have been working to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5 C, and we have been told that we had time to do that. But the global average is influenced by the oceans (about 70% of the earth’s surface); […]
  • XR Strategy by the ‘Ecologist’
    Extinction Rebellion just dropped its new strategy. The key message: ‘we need to take to the streets to challenge power’ The threat of climate breakdown has never felt more acute, more immediate or more real. Temperature records are being consistently broken, there are unprecedented floods and fatalities. During these events Extinction Rebellion UK (XR) has raised awareness, given hope and directed mass actions on […]
  • A re-insurer’s view…
    What effect is climate change having? Ernst Rauch, Chief Climate and Geo Scientist at Munich Re, and head of the Climate Solutions Unit, commented as follows on the figures: “The 2021 disaster statistics are striking because some of the extreme weather events are of the kind that are likely to become more frequent or more severe […]
  • Where we are at this time: A point of view.
    XR POTENTIAL MESSAGING 2022 (for collective consideration) OBJECTIVE:  REITERATE WHY EXTINCTION REBELLION [COLLECTIVE MASS DISRUPTIVE ACTIVISM] IS NECESSARY AS EVER TO CALL PEOPLE TO ACTION. TELL THE TRUTH. The UK Government is not being honest: #1  There is no where near enough action to reduce carbon emissions now to try to avert climate catastrophe. #2  […]
  • Year end view from the Economist!
    The Economist December 27TH 2021 The Climate Issue Our latest climate-change analysis This year has delivered a rollicking ride for climate news. It kicked off with President Joe Biden bringing the United States back into the Paris agreement and launching a new plan to green America and closed with an action-packed COP26 UN climate summit […]
  • Next XR Canterbury Meeting 10th Jan
    Monday 10th January 2022 at 7pm. Link for meeting:
  • Friday Climate Strike 10 12 21
  • Some good news
  • Red Rebels and Grim Reapers
    These are quiet secretive organisations whose members guard their identities carefully. We have communications pathways to these groups and if you feel you would like to get involved we could probably get a message through to the right place! Contact us here.