• Arrestee Support
    This is where we get people out of jail. This is looking after people who have been arrested by knowing where they are (which Police station), letting their significant other or support network know where they are and what their position is, meeting them and supporting them on their release from the jail or police […]
  • Buddy System
    We aim to give new rebels a guiding hand. The idea of the buddy system is to enable people new to XR Canterbury to be assigned a ‘mentor’ to explain the way XR and XRC work. This system is currently under development in conjunction with local rebel induction.
  • Community Activism Toolkit for the Environment (CATE) Canterbury District
    A toolkit of ideas and inspiration to help you organise in your community!
  • Red Rebels and Grim Reapers
    These are quiet secretive organisations whose members guard their identities carefully. We have communications pathways to these groups and if you feel you would like to get involved we could probably get a message through to the right place! Contact us here.
  • Regen XR
    This is to do with wellbeing and regeneration particularly after actions. These can be stressful and debilitating both mentally and physically. It is important that people can debrief, shed and share some of those feelings. Ideally we could have a team that could provide that locally now that we can meet again after lockdown (assuming […]
  • Training
    Face to face talks and training have not been possible during lockdown but this will be something that we will start to do again as time and personnel allow. There is a variety of online training available at XR UK:
  • XR Canterbury Money rebellion papers
    In support of our Money Rebellion actions we made several spoof papers to hand out to the public. They are explaining how banks are funding fossil fuels and also providing information for people interested in switching to more ethical banks. Enjoy!